HRADF consultants who will stand trial over privatisation handling include three foreign nationals

Six members of the experts council of Greece’s privatization agency (HRADF) will stand trial anew, with charges of being accessories to mismanagement, over the handling of 28 properties of the Greek state from 2013 to 2014.

Three of the experts are foreign nationals, from Italy, Slovakia and Spain.

According to a decision by the Appeals Council, the six had proposed the sale and lease-back by the state of the 28 properties, decisions that harmed the financial interests of the state.

The court decided to bring them to trial for simple collusion, instead of using the earlier charges of direct abuse of office.

HRADF’s founding laws provide immunity for members of the board, but not for the consultants on the council, who can be tried as accessories to the board’s actions and omissions.

The 28 properties include five buildings belonging to the ministries of culture, interior, justice, health, and education, 13 belonging to tax authorities and 5 to the Greek police. These were transferred to HRADF for sale-and-lease-back for 20 years.

The transaction was audited by anti-corruption prosecutors following a complaint by Piraeus lawyers and was completed in 2014 by unanimous approval of the experts council and the board of HRADF, with two sales agreements and 28 lease-back agreements for 20 years. The total value was 261 million euros, and the state committed to annual rents which in the first year totaled 25.5 million euros.