HRADF: The renovation of Olympic Stadium starts from the “Calatrava” additions

HRADF is gaining steam for the renovation of the Athens Olympic Sports Center (OAKA). The extensive inspection of the Calatrava steel structures and the roofs of the facilities is the first step in upgrading one of the most emblematic Olympic projects. Under the microscope of the contractor who will undertake the inspection will be the roofs of the Central Stadium, the Cycling Track, the two entrances, the Wall of Nations and the Market.

The project of the renovation of OAKA was assigned to the new Unit of Maturity of Strategic Contracts (PPF) of HRADF, with the decision of 27.12.2021 of the competent Government Committee of Strategic Contracts. The renovation of the country’s largest sports facility has been included in the 43m-euro Recovery and Endurance Fund, which will largely cover the project’s funding.

The aim is to repair, maintain and improve the operational performance of OAKA, in order to extend its useful life, upgrade its infrastructure, reduce its operating costs and make it safe, functional, rewarding and sustainable to enhance urban sports and leisure activities.

Inspection works

Regarding the inspection project, budget 2,043,113 euros (excluding VAT), the object of the contractor will be the inspection and extensive control of the metal structures and polycarbonate roofs. The contractor will have 24.5 months at his disposal, in order to identify any problems, which may be indicative of corrosion, peeling paints, problems in welding or screwing, hangers, etc., in elements of the metal structures, which need treatment, maintenance or restoration, as well as problems with polycarbonates, their support bases and their sealing or sealing materials.

The inspection will also highlight, on the one hand, any required studies that will be implemented under this contract, and on the other hand, the maintenance, repair and replacement actions that will be carried out. A relevant Technical Report of findings and proposals for restoration, maintenance and repairs will be prepared and delivered by the contractor. In addition, the contractor will undertake the preparation of issues of the announcement for the appointment of a contractor for the implementation of maintenance, repair and replacement actions, while it will also provide support to the HRADF during the phase of project assignment.

The deadline for submission of bids is 02/03/2022 at 17.00, while on 04/03/2022 the opening of bids is foreseen.

UEFA alert and lack of maintenance

The OAKA “Spyros Louis” venue is one of the most complete European public sports complexes. The Central Olympic Stadium was designed in 1979 and inaugurated in 1982, to host the European Athletics Championships, while in view of the 2004 Athens Olympic Games, the Sports Center was redesigned and expanded to accommodate the necessary sports facilities.

The alarm sounded at the end of 2018, when UEFA officials, during a football match, noticed an oscillation in the upper cornice of the stadium. The authorities were immediately activated in order for the first time after the delivery of the project for the Athens Olympic Games to have an extensive inspection of the large impressive constructions. The first autopsy of engineers did not show any “obvious” problem then, according to the statements of those in charge, and so the necessary static study proceeded.

In order to take the necessary steps and, since the Ministry of Culture and Sports does not have the necessary technical staff for such a demanding expertise, the technical assistance of the Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport was requested. In fact, in March 2019, with a joint ministerial decree, the projects, studies and contracts for the provision of technical and other related scientific services for the maintenance, improvement, renovation of the structures and facilities of the Olympic Sports Center Athens OAKA were assigned, in view of its transfer to the Superfund, under the responsibility of the Ministry of Culture and Sports at the General Secretariat of Infrastructure of the Infrastructure Ministry.

It is recalled that the OAKA projects were received after the completion of their construction, in 2010. Prior to the receipt of the project, an inspection was carried out by the “Bung” company, specialized partner of “Germannischer Lloyd”, during the period 2007-2008, in under a contract with the the Ministry of Culture. The findings of the inspection are then included in the relevant reports of “Bung” and the problems due to the contractor, were restored within the framework of its contractual obligations.

Of course, a long time has passed since then, during which systematic inspections and maintenance work have not been carried out. Therefore, the inspection, announced by the HRADF, will be taken as an initial audit. The evaluation of the static adequacy will be done in the light of the possible harmful consequences of possible damages and failures that have occurred during the operation of the project.

Today, its renovation and upgrade is considered necessary in order for OAKA and its operation to contribute to the reduction of the environmental footprint and to be a modern sports pole for the promotion of sports and the upgrade of the urban area where it is located.

The main parts of the project as a whole are the following:

• Inspection and maintenance / repair / replacement of metal structures and polycarbonate roofs of the facilities

• Maintenance, upgrade and works that contribute to the energy savings of the relevant building installations and the surrounding area

• Study of sustainable development and utilization of existing facilities