Hundreds of refugee relocation applications still pending

The Asylum Services has received a total of 449 relocation applications from refugees, but so far only 139 have been addressed, with the remaining 310 still pending.

Yemen, Bahrain and Swaziland have been included in the EU relocation program, meaning that nationals of these countries who are currently in Greece may apply to be relocated to other European countries. Until recently only citizens from Syria, Iraq, Eritrea and the Central African Republic had this right.

Of the 449 applications received by the 20th of December, 206 were from Syrians, 209 from Iraqis, 33 from Eritreans and 1 from a stateless person. So far five missions have bee carried out by Greece to relocate 82 refugees to Luxembourg (30), Finland (24), Germany (10), Lithuania (4) and Portugal (14). The next countries to receive refugees from Greece in 2016 are Romania (3), France (14) and the Netherlands (50).

In total 13 European countries have offered to take in 565 refugees: Luxembourg, Germany, France, the Netherlands, Romania, Finland, Lithuania, Portugal, Cyprus, Ireland, Bulgaria, Latvia and Poland. Only 113 positions have been filled of the remaining, with no decision yet on 310 of the remaining 342 vacant spots.