I believe in Greek entrepreneurs’ ability to rise from their ashes, says Alt. FM Katrougalos

Alternate Foreign Minister George Katrougalos expressed his confidence in the Greek entrepreneurship and ability to rise from their ashes.

Katrougalos was addressing an official dinner before the opening of the 2nd Forum of the EU Strategy for the Adriatic and Ionian region that is currently underway in the northwestern Greek city of Ioannina.

Katrougalos said that “a new period opens after the conclusion of the agreement during which we must do our best in terms of entrepreneurship and political economic system.
He also noted that the forum is a very interesting and productive meeting for the wider region of the Balkans and the Adriatic.

In statements to the Athens Macedonian Agency, Katrougalos stressed that the meeting is a landmark for two parallel events. “We are very close to the recovery of the Greek economy and I believe that this is also becoming a fact in Europe. That these deadlock austerity policies cannot continue because they destroy the societies and the European economy’s perspective.”