‘I could vote for the Prespes Agreement,’ independent MP Theoharis tells ANA

Independent MP Haris Theoharis on Saturday indicated that he would be prepared to vote for the Prespes Agreement between Greece and FYROM if certain constitutional changes are made, in an interview with the Athens-Macedonian News Agency (ANA).

“Developments over the past hours show that the agreement for the constitutional changes our neighbours have agreed to make is moving forward. Provided that these changes make clear what is self-evident – namely that the Slavic language and Slavic people have absolutely no connection with Greek history and Alexander the Great – then this agreement is genuinely in the interests of our country and I could vote for it,” Theoharis said.

The MP expressed doubts whether the head of the Independent Greeks (ANEL) party, Defence Minister Panos Kammenos, would pull his party out of the coalition government if the Agreement came to the Greek parliament to be ratified.

Greece needs the stability of permanent four-year electoral cycles and there is no reason to deviate from this unless government instability is great, Theoharis noted, while saying that he had no “taboos” over lending his support to the present government on issues that he considered it was handling correctly.

Theoharis denied having any discussion with ruling coalition leader SYRIZA about any possible cooperation and expressed the opinion that no progressive front could form with SYRIZA, the Movement for Change (KINAL) and Potami.

The MP did not rule out running as an independent in the next elections while expressing his concern that Greece has not unveiled any strategic plan for accessing the markets, especially in 2019. He also commented on Titan’s decision to leave the Athens stock exchange and become listed in the Brussels bourse.

“These are, unfortunately, divestment moves that cannot be overlooked and ring a warning bell for the government regarding the actions it must take over the coming period,” he added.