ICAP Group report record revenue in 2016

ICAP Group said its consolidated revenue rose to historic-high levels, totaling 64.41 million euros in 2016, up 2.2 pct from the previous year, while EBITDA grew 2.6 pct over the same period.

The company recorded improvement in all activities, led by business information production, on line trade platform, industry rating products, PAYDEX, management consultants sector, Risk Eye, People and Employment Solutions, Contact Center and outsourcing services.

Nikitas Konstantellos, chairman and chief executive of the group, commenting on the results said: “We a very happy that in 2016, a very difficult year for the country, we managed to raise our revenue and make significant progress in our strategic goals offering high value to our customers by making significant investments in technologies and human resources. For 2017 we maintain our optimism to raise revenue to 71.5 million euros, or an 11 pct increase.”