IELKA: Greek consumers positively assessing supermarkets

Greek consumers are positively assessing their purchasing experience in large supermarket chains, a survey by IELKA (the Research Institute of Retail Consumer Goods) said on Monday.

The survey said that consumers believed that the strongest point of their purchasing experience was supermarkets’ personnel (85 pct for cashiers and 84 pct for other staff).
Consumers are also positively assessing the characteristics of available products in supermarket shelves (81 pct for variety and 78 pct for safety and hygiene – a very high level for European standards).

The survey showed that even in the product categories where supermarkets are losing market share, consumers have an increasing positive view, with a 70 pct of respondents saying that supermarkets offered fresh products (meat, fish, vegetables) of high quality.

A 79 pct of respondents said their purchases were faster and more comfortable and a 70 pct said they were leaving supermarkets happier.