If ND had evidence it would have tabled motion of censure, says Alt.FM Katrougalos

“If there was something for which [main opposition New Democracy] could accuse the government or even Defence Minister Panos Kammenos, they could do it in parliament with a motion of censure,” Foreign Minister for European Affairs George Katrougalos said on Monday regarding the sale of weapons to Saudi Arabia.

The fact that they hadn’t done so proved that ND lacked proof and that its intention was not to have a substantial political dialogue, Katrougalos claimed, speaking to the Athens Macedonian News Agency radio ‘Praktoreio 104.9FM’.

Asked about the third review of the Greek programme and whether this was affected by the political uncertainty in Germany, Katrougalos said “there is an uncertainty that does not affect us directly. The third review appears to be in the final stretch, I don’t believe it can now be affected by external factors. I am not worried at all”.

On Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s visit to Athens, Katrougalos said that “the date of the visit has not been decided yet but the political aim of the visit is apparent: to establish channels of communication with Turkey even in periods when its relations with Europe are very tense”.

On the negotiations on the FYROM name issue, he noted that “the main effort now is to eliminate the vehicles for irredentism in the northern and, I hope, friendly country, as happened with the previous governments. If a road of confidence is laid down, with these confidence building measures, then the time will come to discuss the name issue also.”