Iliopoulos: Government reshuffle ‘rewards ministers for series of criminal mistakes in pandemic’

The government reshuffle sends a message of a clash with society and “rewards ministers for a series of criminal mistakes in the pandemic,” main opposition SYRIZA-Progressive Alliance spokesperson Nasos Iliopoulos said on Tuesday, talking to ITV Ioannina.

Ruling New Democracy was failing to heed the cries for changes to health, the economy and education at a time when Greece had over 5,000 dead due to the virus, the year was ending in a recession exceeding 10 percent and remote learning for schools was “a shambles”, he said.

“It is a reshuffle that has not heard society’s real criticism and also signals authoritarianism, as in the transfer to the interior ministry of Makis Voridis – who had a very specific, far right, pro-junta past and who has discussed institutional measures to prevent the left from ever ruling again,” he said, while he also interpreted the transfer of Kostis Hatzidakis to the labour ministry as “a clear cut signal of an attack on the social insurance system, of pension cuts for existing pensioners and worsening pension terms for current workers.”