Iliopoulos: Government sending doctors to Macedonia amid 25 pct rise in Attica cases

Main opposition SYRIZA-Progressive Alliance spokesperson Nasos Iliopoulos on Sunday highlighted the sharp increase of Covid-19 cases in Attica and stressed that the government was fully responsible for the developments as regards the pandemic, in statements on “Real FM 97.8”.

The government “can no longer sell the personal responsibility narrative,” he added, and said that Attica had seen a 25 pct spike in cases at the same time as the government was transferring healthcare personnel from Attica to Macedonia “because it is refusing to requisition private clinics”.

He also strongly criticised the government for not prescribing tests and failing to take measures to ensure health and safety in places of work.

Iliopoulos repeated SYRIZA’s proposal for putting pressure on the European Union to secure the patents for the vaccines so that these can be made in each country, adding that Greece must otherwise seek other solutions via bilateral agreements and protect public health using all means.

On the economic front, he said Greece had the fourth worst recession and the second highest loss of incomes in Europe as “members of the government continue to congratulate themselves”, and as the finance minister reported inflated figures on spending to deal with the repercussions of the pandemic: “he claimed that 24 billion has been given…when, based on the figures of the General Accounting Office of State, it appears the government has given just 6.7 billion euros, of which 3.1 billion were loans.”