Iliopoulos: Minimum wage at 800 euros right now

“The society is paying a very high price for Mitsotakis’ government” stated main opposition SYRIZA-Progressive Alliance spokesperson Nassos Iliopoulos referring to the price hike.

Speaking to Alpha FM on Sunday, Iliopoulos noted that the key-proposal for the rescue to the small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) and thousands of job positions is the settlement and the write off of the private debt created in the period of the pandemic underlining that the SMEs have “restricted” access to liquidity.

On the government’s announcement for the increase of the minimum wage, Iliopoulos accused the government of not have taken the necessary measures and that “the government’s officials speak of an imminent generous and substantial increase of the minimum wage, practically, admitting that 2 percent is not a substantial increase. It is obvious that the government is not going to increase the minimum wage because it believes in the labour rights but, because it is in a panic”, Iliopoulos said. He also wondered why the increase will be given in May and not now that thousands of households can’t meet the price hike wave. “Our realistic proposal is the minimum wage at 800 euros right now”.

On the opening of schools, Iliopoulos said that the schools should open with safety adding that they are not parking for children and that’s why his party is asking for the special purpose leave for working parents.