Iliopoulos: PM Mitsotakis has capitulated to the pandemic

“Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis has capitulated in the battle against the pandemic,” stated main opposition SYRIZA-Progressive Alliance spokesperson Nassos Iliopoulos in an interview with Kokkino FM radio in Thessaloniki on Friday.

“Yesterday, Mitsotakis was once again quick to admire himself and spoke of a ‘flawless’ information campaign for vaccination,” Iliopoulos pointed out, despite the fact that there were currently 600,000 unvaccinated people above 60 years old in Greece.

Speaking to Alpha radio earlier on Friday, Iliopoulos said that Greece had already mourned 1,137 deaths from COVID-19 in November, while Mitsotakis and his government were refusing to answer questions on how many had died outside an ICU and on the mortality rate within ICUs.

In order for lives to be saved, he added, it was essential to immediately requisition the private clinics, giving priority to ‘red zone’ areas for Covid. Iliopoulos stressed that the “solution is not to requisition the services of private doctors but to add the private clinics, which are still covid-free, in the fray.” He also noted that the public health system has become a “one-disease system” as vital surgeries are being cancelled, adding that it was “no coincidence that cancer diagnoses have dropped by 20 percent”.

Finally, he said that working remotely should return wherever possible in the public and private sector in order for the spread of the pandemic to slow.