Iliopoulos reiterates SYRIZA proposal for a higher minimum wage

Main opposition SYRIZA-Progressive Alliance spokesperson Nassos Iliopoulos reiterated the party’s proposal for an increase in the minimum wage, in an interview with Kontra Channel late on Wednesday.

“If the minimum wage is increased today, we will have both a decrease in unemployment and an increase in consumption, and a great deal more revenues for social security,” he said.

Iliopoulos accused the government of “creating a Balkan-type labour market in Greece,” in the midst of the pandemic. “We need a European architecture for collective labour agreements and an increase in the basic wage,” he added.

Asked about SYRIZA-Progressive Alliance’s programme for dealing with price hikes, he noted: “The central issues are a reduction of the special consumption tax on diesel and natural gas, a settlement for pandemic debts and an increase in the minimum wage.”

Regarding the pandemic, Iliopoulos harshly criticised the Mitsotakis government for a policy that “has led us to 15,485 dead, and that in a society which was disciplined during the first wave of the pandemic in terms of social solidarity and collective responsibility.”