IMF’s irrational demands the big thorn in the negotiations, says SYRIZA spokeswoman Svigou

SYRIZA party spokeswoman Rania Svigou on Thursday reiterated the government’s intention to conclude as soon as possible the second review.

Svigou, who was speaking to the Athens-Macedonian News Agency radio “Praktoreio 104.9 FM”, underlined that the main issue is the withdrawal of the IMF’s irrational demands.

Asked on main opposition New Democracy’s stance which accuses the government of the delay, Svigou said that “On one hand ND asks to sign immediately, namely to accept 4.5 bln euro measures against the Greek people, and on the other hand it accuses the government”.

“Our position is an overall agreement that would be socially sustainable and socially fair. The government informs the parliament and the people; we have never tried to hide”, she said.

Asked if PPC issue has opened rifts in the government or the party she said: “The party and the government rally together aiming at an agreement that will give a breather to the Greek society and will mark the turn of the page in the Greek economy. There is no negotiation inside SYRIZA, we will discuss it and we will decide together.”

Svigou explained: “We are trying to make the company competitive and to maintain the state control. We are trying to rebuff the lenders’ demands”.

Referring to the labour relations which is the thorn in the negotiations, Svigou said that the protection of the labour relation remains the government’s top priority.