Important agreements signed between Greece and China

Agreements between Greece and China on energy, infrastructure and telecommunications signed in Beijing will begin to “run” directly, Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras said on Saturday.

The prime minister referred to his meeting with the President of China and their agreement to work together in order to make Piraeus the largest, the strongest, the most important port of the Mediterranean, and underlined: “I believe it is of paramount importance to highlight the role of the city of Piraeus as a basic hub of the silk road and one of the most critical stations of world trade, and in this direction the Municipality of Piraeus has a primary and essential role to play.”

He also said that the direct connection between Athens and Beijing as of September will increase the number of Chinese tourists in Greece:

In the context of the further development of cooperation between Greece and China in all areas, Tsipras suggested:

– The creation of a large Chinese culture park in Greece and a large Greek culture park in China.

– Promoting a student exchange programme, under the auspices of the Municipalities, with the cooperation of schools and universities and the government’s assistance.

– The cooperation of Municipalities through the exchange of missions, organization of joint cultural events and cooperation in the fields of tourism, agricultural and industrial production.

– Cooperation between Universities.

The prime minister pointed out that 2017 is a year of cultural exchanges between Greece and China and China will be the honored country at the Thessaloniki International Fair in September.

Chinese President Xi Jinping in his meeting with Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras stressed that the cooperation between the two countries was strengthened thanks to Tsipras and invited him to visit China more frequently.

Greece has a key role in the international arena and it is one of China’s most trusted partners, the Chinese President said and added: China’s priority is cooperation in the fields of trade, telecommunications and infrastructure as well as the financial sector.

He made special mention to the port of Piraeus saying that the goal is to render it the largest port of the Mediterranean, attract new investments from China and further develop it.

He also pointed out that the European Union is a key partner of China, and is keen to keep the EU prosperous, stable and open adding that it seeks the further deepening of cooperation with the EU.
He also stressed the need to boost the cultural relationship between the peoples of Greece and China who share the tradition of important ancient civilizations, one of the East and the other of the West.