Four important meetings ahead of troika’s evaluation

Four important events will precede the new evaluation of the Greek economy by the troika, which will probably take place in the last ten days of September.

The first is the European Council special meeting scheduled for next Saturday, followed by a meeting between Greek representatives and the troika of Greece’s international lenders in Paris, on September 2-4, during which all burning issues (eg tax reductions, debt etc) will be discussed. The political leadership of the basic Greek ministries, high-level staff, Prime Minister Antonis Samaras’ close associates and PASOK officials will travel to Paris.

A Euro Working Group has been scheduled for the following day to discuss the “Greek issue.”

The Eurogroup will meet on September 12 to give the “green light” for the arrival of the heads of the troika in Athens. During this evaluation, officials will set on the table the pending memorandum obligations and the decisions to be taken for issues regarding the social security system, employment, the financial gap, the new budget, and market deregulation.

According to sources, the troika estimates that any tax cuts should be “counterbalanced” by equivalent measures. The main “weapon” of the Greek side will be once again the smooth execution of the budget and exceeding the target for the primary surplus. The government has planned two meetings on Tuesday and Wednesday ahead of those events.

Prime Minister is expected to give a clear indication of the government plans in his speech at the 79th Thessaloniki International Fair (TIF), on September 6.