Imported used car sales up strongly in Greece

Imported used car sales are rising spectacularly in Greece, totaling 42,996 in the first eight months of 2017, while sales of new cars totaled 85,146 in the same period. Imported used cars are around one-third of all cars circulating in the country.

A continuing economic crisis and cheap imported cars have changed the balance in the domestic car market.

Used car sales totaled 24,345 in 2009, 13,125 in 2010, 10,196 in 2011, 6,001 in 2012, 6,280 in 2013, 13,694 in 2014, 20,637 in 2015 and 27,814 in 2016, or 26.1 pct of the market.

Car market officials said the domestic market is recovering strongly and expect sales of new cars to reach 100-110,000 annually in the next two years.