In-laws, parents of murdered Caroline file for custody of her daughter

The in-laws of Caroline Crouch, the 20-year-old British mother murdered by her husband at Glyka Nera, NE of Athens, on May 11, have filed for joint custody of their granddaughter, Lydia, it was revealed on Thursday.

The parents of self-confessed murderer Babis Anagnostopoulos, 33, said that they wanted to share custody with their daughter-in-law’s parents, who live on Alonissos island. According to information after they filed their requets at court, they proposed that Lydia live with them in the Athens area from October to April every year and with her other set of grandparents on Alonissos the rest of the year.

In their filing, they put forward the child’s welfare, and ensuring they are “building a close emotional relationship with both families.” Joint custody they said would lead the child into becoming “a responsible, independent and emotionally healthy adult,” and “mitigating the negative repercussions from the tragic death of her mother.” This, they said, would “guarantee that the already existing and absolutely necessary climate of peace and tranquillity between the two families continues” and contributes to the child’s raising.

Exclusive custody

Earlier in the day, the lawyer for Caroline Crouch’s parents told the press he had filed on their behalf for exclusive custody. He said Alonissos was the right environment for the child, as “in Athens, little Lydia will be the daughter of the murderer, wheras in Alonissos [she will be] the child that lost its mummy.”

He noted that the families of both Caroline and her husband remain in touch and on speaking terms.