Independent Greeks (ANEL) not to run in next elections

The Independent Greeks (ANEL) party will not be running in the next general elections, according to unanimous decision reached by the party’s National Council on Sunday.

In a statement released after the decision was announced, the party’s leader Panos Kammenos outlined the party’s achievements as the junior coalition partner in the SYRIZA-ANEL government, in which he served as defence minister, and said his party had “heard the voice of the Greek people” and decided not to run.

Kammenos said that he will personally remain “active” but that, at present, he could better serve the Greek people outside parliament than within.

“I will cooperate with the civil society, both in Greece and abroad, to support the unity and promote the interests of the Greek people,” he said, referring to the “refounding of a political movement that supports the principles that we all defend.”