Informal EU member state leaders’ dinner in Tallinn a first step to decision making on Europe’s future

The informal European Union member-state leaders’ dinner on the future of the EU on Thursday evening in Tallinn, Estonia, in the context of the informal summit, was the first step to making decisions about the future of the EU.

Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras underlined that in order to address the recent political crisis, which was a result of the EU’s inability to effectively deal with the economic and migration crises in Europe, it is necessary to accept that the current situation is not “business as usual” and important initiatives must be taken by the summer on certain issues:

a) a social Europe based on growth rather than austerity and a new edifice for the eurozone (on which it presented the proposals of Greece),

b) a migration policy based on fair burden-sharing and effective combating of traffickers,

c) Euro-Turkish relations,

d) the EU-Western Balkans Summit and the rejuvenation of the Thessaloniki Agenda,

e) upgrading the EU’s international and regional role and strengthening its defense policy.