Innovative device offers food and drink to stray cats and dogs outside the city hall of Volos

A modern and innovative device that offers food and drink to stray cats and dogs and at the same time recycles plastic bottles and cans was placed outside the city hall of Volos, central Greece.

The initiative belongs to the municipality of Volos which in cooperation with animal welfare associations will install a second device in the city in the following days.

“According to the pilot programme, the plan provides for the installation of 15 devices in different parts of Volos in order to meet the needs of as many as possible stray animals; a matter that constitutes a huge social problem,” the mayor of Volos Achilleas Beos said.

The device is energy-independent and operates with a small photovoltaic system. A portion of food for pets and water is released when a plastic bottle is placed in a special holder attached to the device.

The cost of the programme is totally covered by the municipality of Volos.