Interamerican is expanding its Genesis corporate sales network

Interamerican is rapidly expanding its Genesis corporate sales network with the goal to double the number of its insurance consultants by the end of 2018 and to triple its premium production in the life insurance business.

The insurance company said that four new sales offices have been launched so far this year, and another three are scheduled to be launched by the end of the year. New certified partners jumped 141 pct at the end of September compared with the beginning of the year, totaling 515. Interamerican plans to surpass the 2016 goal of 600 new partners. The company said life insurance premium production was up 17 pct so far this year.

Interamerican has also developed a network of cooperating brokers and insurers with 1,080 partnerships, while it is a leader in direct sales through Anytime which covers almost 50 pct of the company’s customer base particularly in car insurance.