Interior Min Skourletis: Greek experiment for a multi-speed Europe

We live in conditions of constant political defeat. We are constantly forced to compromise. But at the same time, we can distinguish the small possibilities to save some things from the agreement with the institutions, Interior Minister Panos Skourletis said at a conference organized by SYRIZA party.

He underlined that if people see the government compromise with the austerity measures “it will be the first step in SYRIZA’s and the left party’s transformation.”

“We may have suffered a political defeat, but the greatest political defeat is when you adopt your opponent’s proposals. And we will never do that,” he assured.

Skourletis estimated that there would not be a significant debt restructuring, citing “Europe’s rigidities.”

Moreover, he said: “They are making an experiment with Greece in order to implement the extreme neoliberal policies and to make a multi-speed Europe, with widened inequalities. A Europe that is increasingly moving away from the great values it was based on.”