Interior Min Theodorikakos: COVID-19 is not an issue for party confrontation

Interior Minister Takis Theodorikakos on Monday pointed out the need to adhere to the health safety measures for as long as the epidemiological data makes this necessary, in an interview with radio Alpha.

“We must, with unity and solidarity, strictly implement the measures as we did last March. The measures will apply for as long as the epidemiological data makes them necessary. As a citizen – and I underline this – I don’t want to believe there are people who want to have fun and enjoy themselves when they see 100 people dying every day,” he said. He also underlined that there was “no point” and also no place for political confrontations or attempts by political parties to reap benefits in relation to coronavirus and its management.

Asked about the contribution of local authorities to the management of the pandemic, the interior minister said it has proved itself a pillar of social cohesion and solidarity and especially highlighted the contribution of the iconic “Help at home” programme.