Interior Ministry technically ready for simultaneous elections in May, Charitsis says

“The Ministry of Interior is technically ready to conduct simultaneous elections in May, including possible national elections,” Interior Minister Alexis Charitsis reaffirmed on Wednesday in an interview with Open TV, noting that “decisions on elections must be made on the basis of political criteria and not technical ones.”

Referring to the Greeks living abroad, Charitsis said that the ruling of the relevant committee is expected over the next few days, adding that the ministry’s target is to have the bill submitted for voting during the current parliamentary period.

The interior minister also denied any cooperation with a foreign company for the elections, adding that he will have a meeting with Singular Logic in the next few days. He called on main opposition New Democracy to “show seriousness and refrain from fake news” regarding the way that elections will be held.

“I believe that it hurts the government but ultimately undermines the citizens’ trust in the institutions,” he underlined.