International Table Olive Competition in London this April

Table olives will be the talk of the town in London on April 14-15, during the London ITOC 2018, the international table olive competitions.

“The extroversion of table olive enterprises is necessary,” George Kouvelis, managing director of Confexpo – the organiser of the competitions – told Athens-Macedonian News Agency (ANA), adding: “an increase in exports arises through the development of extroversion actions, regardless of the size of enterprise. These professional competitions help in this direction”.

“We saw a gap in the organising of events for the table olive sector and we began the process of organising these competitions in London. And, of course, in London because of the significant value the city has in the global business map. London is a powerful brand name. Enterprises from every olive production country can participate in the competition, while the panel of judges is constituted of well-known conoisseurs of table olives, suitably trained for the quality evaluation of table olives. The gain for the winners is that they can stick the logo of the award on their product label, offering added value to their product,” Kouvelis said.

The organisers expect to bring together in London the best table olives from all producer countries, such as Spain, Italy, Greece and Turkey, and will offer separate awards for the quality of the product and the packaging.