Investment plans worth 1.0-mln-euro in process of approval, Staikos reveals

Investment plans worth 1.0 billion euros are currently in the process of getting approval or pre-approval according to Christos Staikos, the head of Enterprise Greece, the national agency for promoting investments and extroversion.

In an interview with “Ethnos” newspaper released on Sunday, Staikos stressed that new agreements in sectors such as tourism, energy, telecommunications and commerce were also under discussion, while he added that special emphasis was given to agro-food products.

Referring to the operation of Enterprise Greece in the last 2.5 years, Staikos said: “Our intention is a continuous upgrade of the organisation towards creating a modern and credible agency of extroversion. In this framework, we improved operations, created a new company identity, modernised services, evaluated personnel, set in motion the e-traffic of paperwork and designed – along with the Foreign Affairs ministry – a new portal and a new upgraded help desk”.

“We have boosted our actions to attract investments and to promote exports by including new sectors, approaching new markets, implementing more and new actions, creating new tools,” Staikos said.