IOBE: Business expectations in the industrial sector up slightly in January

Business expectations in the industrial sector improved slightly in November, in line with an improvement in the economic sentiment index in the Greek economy, the Foundation for Economic and Industrial Research (IOBE) said in a report released on Thursday.

In the report, IOBE said that “the economy has entered a period of stabilisation, as big uncertainties that prevailed over the country’s short-term outlook have been significantly reduced. A rapid completion of a third review of the programme did not allow any vacillations, while it is obvious that relations with creditors are at a satisfactory level. On a legislative level there were also some favourable interventions for the industrial sector, such as simplifying licensing procedures, including mining activities.”

IOBE said that “there were significant interventions on an institutional level in the operation of business-industrial parks. Of course, business expectations are still at a generally low level compared with the European average. But, discussion over the post-memorandum era and the characteristics of the future period has begun. The way that the Greek economy will be financed after the programme and the wider characteristics of the relation with our partners will define the economic environment of the industrial sector”.