IOM report on migration flows to Europe: 124,118 arrivals by sea, Jan.-Nov.

A total of 124,118 refugees and migrants arrived in Europe by sea from January 1 to November 11 this year, the International Organization for Migration (IOM), said in its most recent report.

Of the total, 49,912 arrived in Spain, the most popular entry point, while arrivals in Greece totalled 28,252 and in Italy 22,519, the UN Migration Agency said.

IOM said it is the fifth consecutive year that the arrivals to Europe by sea have topped the 100,000 people threshold. The totals for the same Jan. 1-Nov. 11 period were 156,372 in 2017 and 341,215 in 2016.

Recorded deaths and missing people in the Mediterranean from the start of the year to November 11 reached 2,043, compared to 3,001 in 2017 and 4,329 in 2016.

IOM also gave information about the number of deaths in traffic accidents in Greece, from March to November 11 this year. It said that 26 people dead and 79 were injured in at least nine traffic accidents in northern Greece. Most of the migrants involved in accidents enter Greece through the borders with Turkey at Evros River, the agency said, adding that human traffickers pick out 15- to 17-year-olds as drivers, on the premise they will not be arrested, as minors.

Traffic accidents on European territory occurs at least twice a week, IOM said. During this year (2018), 91 migrants lost their lives crossing Europe in various vehicles. Last year 97 migrants died in European traffic accidents. Sixty-three lost their lives in 2016 and 136 in 2015.

All dead and missing refugees and migrants globally total 3,190 individuals for 2018, the agency said.