Ionia Odos’ Klokova tunnel to be delivered on Thursday

The section of Ionia Odos (Klokova tunnel to Antirrio) will delivered on Thursday. The direction to Antirrio was delivered to at 10:00 while the direction to Ioannina is expected to be delivered at 16:00.

The specific section of the motorway includes Antirrio interchange and Makyneia tunnel, a two-lane, two direction 500m tunnel.

With the delivery of the last section of the motorway the distance between Antirrio and Amphilohia is reduced to 50 minutes instead of one hour and 35 minutes.

Currently, the time needed to reach Ioannina from Antirrio is reduced by one hour and a half while after the completion of the motorway the distance of the trip between Antirrio and Ioannina will be one hour and 30 minutes.