Ios: The island with the largest percentage increase in ferry arrivals in Greece

Ios is emerging as the island with the largest percentage increase in ferry arrivals (134.044%) nationwide for the nine months of 2021, compared to the corresponding period of 2020, as highlighted in a relevant announcement.

The result came after special processing and comparison of the initial official data of the Hellenic Statistical Authority (ELSTAT) on the quarterly arrivals of disembarked coastal passengers and ferries at port, as well as the data of the third quarter of arrivals IN 2021, published a few days ago.

“Despite the difficulties and challenges due to the pandemic, we have risen to the occasion and Ios has won the trust of travelers from Greece and abroad, while laying the foundations for continued development,” said  the Mayor of Ios Island, Mr Gkikas Gkikas.

In this spirit, the Municipality of Ios seeks to enrich the targeting strategy through a multi-level call that highlights the natural beauty, history, ancient monuments, culture, gastronomy, cycling and trails, diving, sailing, fun and water sports.

An important chapter in the development of the destination concerns the “green” innovations on the island. Specifically, two underground waste collection and storage systems were completed and installed by the Municipality. These are the first in Greece fully immersed recycling corners of multiple temporary storage. In addition, it is noted that in order to reduce the environmental footprint, the Municipality of Ios recently won the “Smart City of the year 2022″ award during the “Best City Awards 2022” for its water resources management through the operation of an online water resources management system and its online monitoring system for possible water leaks in the water network, according to the Municipality.