IQbility invested 350,000 euros in 2016

IQbility, the incubator of enterprises of Quest Group, on Wednesday announced that its investments on startup businesses in 2016 totaled 350,000 euros.

IQbility invested this money to:

• Accusonus: an artificial intelligence software company on music and sound professionals.

• Reembed: a video player for e-publishers, e-tailers and other websites.

• Roadcube: a payment application through smartphones.

• Blendo: a platform used by customers to extract and store critical data from cloud services.

• a software for monitoring and management of hybrid cloud infrastructure.

• Allcancode: an education platform for pupils.

IQbility invested from 20,000 to 140,000 euros to each company. These investments were made in the framework of large investment rounds in cooperation with funds or angel investors.

IQbility has invested more than one million euros in capital, infrastructure and services to more than 10 groups with the aim to establish new enterprises and innovative ideas and to create around 100 new job positions.