It is crucial not to forget the criminal responsibilities, Koutsoumbas says

“We want to express our support and solidarity to those who lived through the fiery nightmare. To all those who saw their home, their place and their lives destroyed. We are with them in their struggle to get back on their feet and take back their lives,” the General Secretary of the KKE Central Committee, Dimitris Koutsoumbas, said on Wednesday in parliament during the debate on fires.

“It is crucial not to forget the criminal responsibilities and to highlight the reasons behind how and why we got here,” Koutsoumas underlined.

“You can apologise as much as you want, invoke mistakes and omissions, but here we are not talking about another summer with many days of fires, but we are talking about a huge disaster. More than 120,000 hectares have turned to ash,” he said and added: “The problem is the lack of integrated forest management and protection. A modern fire protection plan is missing, specialised in each forest complex. No government has done that. Unless SYRIZA tells us that it left a plan in the drawers before leaving the government.”