It is the creditors’ time to deliver on their promises, say nine MEPs

Nine MEPs of three political groups, members of the co-ordination Committee of the Progressive Alliance in the European Parliament (Progressive Caucus) called on the Eurogroup, the European Central Bank, the European Monetary Fund, the European Monetary Fund and the European Commission, in view of the meeting of the Eurogroup on 15 June, to respect the decisions and to proceed with the conclusion of the second programme review, which will trigger the Greek economy’s steady growth path while strengthening stability in the eurozone.

“In the last Eurogroup it became clear that the different approaches between the lenders, and especially between the German finance ministry and the IMF, prevent the conclusion of the second programme review of the Greek programme and the formation of the «road map” for the Greek debt relief.

In the joint statement, MEPs added: “The conclusion of the second programme review will pave the way both for the implementation of medium-term measures for Greek debt relief, and Greece’s participation in the ECB’s quantitative easing program. This framework has been agreed by all sides, the Greek government and the institutions, at the Eurogroup in May 2016.”

“After the second programme review is concluded, the road map for debt relief and Greece’s return to the bond market will give a positive signal to markets and investors.

For the first time since the onset of economic crisis, Greece lays the foundations for economic growth. The Greek people need policies that give an end to supervision and lead to fair and sustainable development.”

“There are no excuses, as time is pressing both Greece and Europe,” they stressed and added: “Greece needs sustainable and fair development policies, not sovereign fiscal measures. Now it is time for lenders to assume their responsibilities and fulfill their commitments, just as did the Greek government. “