It is the first time that MPs are both in the gov’t and in the opposition, ND VP says

“Mr. Kammenos (Panos, Independent Greeks leader) expelled his ministers that remained in the government but did not expel his deputies that gave vote of confidence to the government. They are the first MPs in the world that are both in the government and in the opposition” stated main opposition New Democracy (ND) vice president Adonis Georgiadis to Athens-Macedonian News Agency on Sunday adding that “everything is according to an agreement”.

Asked if his party will cooperate with parties or ministers that will vote for the Prespes Agreement, Georgiadis said “It is a top matter of political importance and when somebody decides to support a top governmental choice, obviously deplores a New Democracy’s top decision and view. This is not a good way to cooperate with someone in the future”.

Referring to the Prespes Agreement, Georgiadis said that he believes that the 151 deputies necessary to approve it will be found and noted “No future parliament will be in position to cancel the Prespes Agreement without serious consequences for the country if it is ratified by the Greek parliament”.

Finally, on the time of the national elections, he said that will be held on the very last day …Mr. Tsipras is aware that he will lose the elections and he will stay in the authority as much as possible”.