It is very important to be vigilant at all levels, ND’s Vassilis Kikilias says

“The refugee-migrant issue was the key that [Turkey’s] President Erdogan used to unlock the pressure he is currently placing on Europe,” main opposition New Democracy (ND) shadow defence minister Vassilis Kikilias said in an interview with the radio station “Real FM” on Monday.

He accused the government of being responsible for this outcome, through its policy of opening up the country’s borders in 2015 and letting one million refugees and undocumented migrants enter Europe.

“A criminal policy towards these people and towards our country and the EU. I hope it does not make the same mistake again,” he said. He noted that Turkey wants a piece of the energy “pie” in the Mediterranean Basin and that Greece must defend its national sovereign rights and energy reserves.

Kikilias added: “Erdogan has a specific strategy. Does Greece have its own strategy? Does the whole Greek government agree with it? Has Mr Tsipras made the necessary moves towards the other parties of the democratic arc so that there is a single national line? I’m afraid not. Turkey externalises its internal problems to gain geostrategically and strengthen its position. We must be ready for this, showing neither fear nor complacency.”

Moreover he noted that Greece must maintain its vigilance. “It is very important to be vigilant at all levels, political and military, but also to help Greek society understand what the position is.”