Journalists union slams MEGA shareholders’ reported decision not to claim TV license

The union of Athens Journalists (ESIEA) denounced on Wednesday the shareholders of troubled MEGA channel who reportedly send a letter to the banks to whom they own millions in loans saying they will not be claiming a new TV license in the tender procedure currently underway.

“The employees of the TV channel remained hostages for 16 months, having exceeded all limits of personal strength in order to keep the station from ‘closing’ and losing its value. At the same time, the Board of Directors and employees supported every effort to rescue MEGA regarding the banks, the NCRTV and the shareholders with interventions,” the union said.

“It is therefore a provocation on behalf of the shareholders, now that this possibility [to rescue the channel] exists, to refuse to take part in the process leaving the channel to its fate with unpaid and unemployed employees,” it added and urged the shareholders to reconsider.