Judges Αssociations: Leak to media of senior CoS justice’s e-mails must be investigated

In a joint announcement on Tuesday, the Union of Judges and Prosecutors and the Union of Administrative Judges demanded an investigation into how the private e-mails of a senior Council of State (Cos) justice, specifically one involved in the consideration of cases relating to a controversial television licences tender, were leaked to the media. The two associations asked that the state immediately take action over the violation of the judge’s privacy, regardless of the outcome of an investigation into the allegations of misconduct made against him.

The announcement notes that the private life of a respected judge is being dragged into public view and distorted for reasons that have nothing to do with serving the truth or public interest in what it calls “an extremely sordid phenomenon linked to the methods resorted to by fascist regimes.”

“In the attempt to extort the Supreme Court before which cases of major importance are pending, the usual weapon held in the armory of yet another form of intertwined interests (sensationalist journalism-financial and other interests) is enlisted to satisfy its unlawful aims,” the announcement said, adding that the state should immediately intervene over this publication of details of the private life of a justice involved in judging issues of constitutionality of laws governing the television sector.