Judges, prosecutors lose CoS appeal to be exempted from ‘source of wealth’ statements

The Council of State on Monday rejected an appeal by judges and prosecutors to be exempted from filing a “source of wealth” (pothen esches) statement listing their assets.

The Council also ruled that the filing – which is annually obligatory for public sector employees and journalists, among other sectors – did not contravene the constitution but served the principles of equality and proportionality.

Included in the final ruling by the Council is the obligation for statements to include cash of over 30,000 euros and valuable objects exceeding 40,000 euros that are not held in banks. The highest administrative court of Greece also said judiciary filers were obliged to get evaluations for the objects.

Laying out the guidelines for the judges’ 11-member committee that will review the asset declarations, the Council affirmed that the committee members will include four senior judges, two senior prosecutors, the deputy governor of the Bank of Greece and two deputies. The committee members will be appointed by courts and with the agreement of the Supreme Court (Areios Pagos).

The Committee members will be appointed by the courts through a Supreme Court (Areios Pagos) act.