Jumbo Group says sales up 6.88 pct in 2016/2017

Jumbo Group on Monday reported a 6.88 pct increase in its sales in the year which ended in June 30, 2017, totaling 681.43 million euros, form 637.56 million the previous year.

The company said that the management will seek shareholders’ approval to a plan to a 0.36 euros per share dividend to shareholders (gross), or 48,981,513 euros. Jumbo Group has already paid a pre-dividend of 24,490,756 euros, or 50 pct of total dividend payment. Net after tax dividend will be 0.1530 euros per share.

Gross profits totaled 355.49 million euros, up 5.20 pct from the previous year and gross profit margin eased to 52.17 pct from 53 pct. EBITDA was 194.87 million euros, up 6.10 pct from the previous year, while profits rose 8.04 pct to 131.01 million euros.

Jumbo Group expects this year’s sales to grow by 6-9 pct, while profits to remain almost unchanged at last year’s levels.