Juncker defended Greece’s accession to eurozone

The President of the European Commission Jean-Claude Juncker on Tuesday defended Greece’s accession to the eurozone during his presentation of Helmut Kohl’s book in Frankfurt in which former German Chancellor claims that Gerhard Schroeder prematurely accepted Greece in the eurozone.

According to Deutche Welle’s Greek service, Juncker said before an audience of 100 journalists that attended the book’s presentation: “We did not allow Greece to be among the first group of countries that would adopt the euro, because it was not ready for that. However, later Greeks made significant efforts”.

He acknowledged, however, that the Europeans “were misled by a wrong statistics presentation of the data” noting that this mistake would not be repeated. He also referred to the Greek people’s achievements in the last four years and reminded that we should not seek scapegoats for “the Greek politicians’ wrongdoings in the past decades”. Moreover, Juncker expressed his disappointment over the revival of the resentment clichés in Greece and in Germany.

Juncker underlined that the “introduction of the euro is a policy of peace” adding that a currency war between France and Germany would burst out during the crisis if there was no common currency. The common currency “made the European integration non reversible…it protects Europe…without it things would be bad for us”.