Juncker: Keeping Greece in the eurozone was outgoing Commission’s greatest achievement

Keeping Greece in the eurozone was perhaps one of the greatest achievements of the outgoing European Commission, according to its current president Jean-Claude Juncker.

Speaking during a press conference here on Tuesday, Juncker noted that, even though some might take this for granted, the Commission succeeded in keeping Greece within the Eurozone at a time when even many small states were telling the Commission not to bother with Greece.

Juncker said he was “proud” of his achievement, noting that “we did it together with the Greek authorities and we did it in a different way than others had.”

This difference, he explained, was due to the fact that he showed respect for the dignity of the Greek people and especially the poorer sections. He also praised the resilience of the Greeks, noting that others would possibly be unable to show the same resilience under such conditions.