Justice Minister Kontonis: Those who delivered Ocalan give us lessons on the handling of the case of the Turkish officers

“Journalists and politicians who played a key role in the ‘disgrace of the country’s legal culture’ by delivering Abdullah Ocalan without the ruling of any court or convention of any committee give lessons to the judges and the government on how to handle the case of the eight Turkish military officers,” stated Justice Minister Stavros Kontonis speaking to radio “Sto Kokkino” on Tuesday.

Referring to Ocalan case, the Justice Minister noted that “it was a totally illegal procedure, nothing was legal and this man (Ocalan) was delivered (to the Turkish authorities) in a fictional way” against the case of the Turkish officers to whom “are offered all the guarantees of a state of law and the asylum procedures”.

Moreover, Kontonis underlined that “the government will follow the decisions of justice for the Turkish officers.
If the ruling for their extradition is rejective, then the procedure ends there and nobody gets involved. If it is positive they have the right to take recourse to the European courts.

He clarified that “in this case there will be effort to have the guarantee for a fair trial not only during the hearing procedure but also for the day after.”

Finally, Kontonis said that “the Justice Ministry and the government’s involvement follows to examine the country’s international relations as the law provides. Even in this case there are misleading press reports when we don’t even have the decision of the second level asylum committee”.