Justice to investigate misleading advertising for phone lines providing Social Solidarity Income info

Following a complaint lodged by the labour ministry, a public prosecutor is currently investigating the legality of adverts urging the public to seek information on the Social Solidarity Income via private information phone lines charging for their services, the labour ministry announced on Monday.

A ministry announcement stressed that the public can obtain guaranteed information on the SSI via the free phone line 15105 during working hours (8:00-14:00 on week days). There is no need for any member of the public to address their questions to unauthorised sources or pay for the information, as suggested by some television advertisements already on the air, the ministry added. It additionally highlighted the risk that the information given and paid for will be incomplete or incorrect.

Finally, the ministry announcement said that the simplest way to submit an application for the SSI was to do so online from home. The electronic platform was imple and user-friendly, the application there was filled out in advance and, if additional information is required, the system alerts the applicant.