Kammenos relinquishes ministerial immunity from regular courts over surplus armaments sale case

National Defence Minister Panos Kammenos told Parliament’s president on Friday he is relinquishing his ministerial immunity in order to be tried at a regular court over the case of a sale of surplus armaments to Saudi Arabia.

The case file was forwarded by the anti-corruption prosecutor to Parliament on Tuesday for review on whether the minister is liable for breach of fate.

In a letter to Parliament president Nikos Voutsis, Kammenos refuted any charges against him. “As I have already said to the anti-corruption prosecutor Eleni Touloupaki (…), and despite the fact there is no charge for any crime, I declare to you that I relinquish any immunity provided to me by article 86 of the Greek constitution as minister and I ask that the case file return to the regular courts so that I may testify as a plain citizen and contribute to the full resolution of the case, without any delay.”