Kammenos to PM Tsipras: Call a referendum on Prespes Agreement

The vote of confidence introduced by Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras is not related to a review of the government’s work, former ruling coalition partner Panos Kammenos said in parliament on Wednesday, but it relates to a wrongly-raised question by the premier, of whether deputies support the Prespes Agreement signed with FYROM or not.

Speaking during a plenary debate on the vote of confidence, the former national defence minister said, “I say No to the Prespes Agreement,” reiterating a long-standing position of his party, ANEL, which he said does not want the word “Macedonia” included in any resolution of the name issue with the neighbouring country.

Kammenos also called on Tsipras to put an end to the discussion in parliament and to call a referendum, allowing the Greek people to decide whether they agree with the Prespes Agreement or not.