Kammenos: We are working for the peace based on request to respect international law

Defence Minister Panos Kammenos, who is paying a visit to Romania, met on Friday with his Romanian counterpart Mihai Fifor in Bucarest.

After the meeting, Kammenos stated: “We are working for peace based on a request of all the countries of the region to show respect for the International Law, the Alliance and whatever signed and agreed.”

Kammenos briefed his Romanian counterpart on the “incident with Turkey”. At this moment, two Greek servicemen are held in Turkish jail. “I ask for the Romanian Defence Minister’s support for the immediate release of those European, NATO and Greek servicemen,” said Kammenos.

In his statements, Kammenos referred to Greece’s policy for the establishment of stability in the wider region.

The further enhancement of the bilateral cooperations in the field of defence industry was underlined “with the right use of the the European defence funding and the European Programme of Industrial Development in the defence sector,” he said.

Concluding he underlined “Romania and Greece have historically proved that they can change the world. The Greek people will never forget that the Greek Revolution started in Bucarest”.