Katainen: Our delegation can help financing private sector in Greece

The European Union and the European Investment Bank can help private companies get financing in Greece, European Commissioner for Employment, Growth, Investment and Competitiveness, Jyrki Katainen, who is paying a visit in Athens, said on Monday addressing the Greek parliament.

“We are here to help you. It is very important that you, as legislators, carry this message to private investors,” Katainen underlined in the Greek parliament.

“Our delegation can help financing private sector in Greece. It is not necessary for someone to go to Brussels or Luxembourg. The European Fund for Strategic Investments can help private investors in Greece. It is a risk financing tool and a good vehicle to finance businesses. They need to be informed that they can request funds without the approval of the Greek government,” he said.

Presenting his plan for growth, the EU vice president emphasized on the creation of new jobs, and spoke of the four basic steps to be taken to promote growth in our country:

– Contacts with the Greek banks in order to get to know how they can use the investments strategic fund to strengthen the Greek economy.

– Gathering ideas from businesses on investment needs and organizing an investment platform to proceed with the funding from the European Fund.

– A campaign on how to “exploit” the European Investment Bank office.

– Re-opening of the Greek Investment Fund, which could be a good vehicle to channel investments.

The most crucial discussion is the discussion on investments and growth, Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras said on Monday while receiving the European Committee Vice President Jyrki Katainen.

“After years of discussions on measures and austerity, it is time we spoke for growth, investments and employment,” Tsipras said.

The Greek prime minister explained that the primary surplus target of 3.5 percent of GDP in 2018 will be reached provided there is growth momentum.

Concluding the Greek programme review was the only way forward, Euro Katainen told reporters, in a brief statement after his meeting with Tsipras, noting that “Greece deserves stability.”

Katainen, who is also European Commissioner for Employment, Growth, Investment and Competitiveness, said that the European Committee holds discussions with the private sector in order to find the suitable financing tools for its support adding that they also hold discussions with the Greek banks to persuade them to finance businesses and particularly small and medium size enterprises (SMEs).