Katrougalos meets with French business leaders in Paris

Alternate Foreign Minister for European Affairs George Katrougalos met on Tuesday with France’s business confederation MEDEF International in Paris, as part of the Greek government’s efforts to attract French investors to Greece, two days before the official visit of President Emmanuel Macron to Athens.

Katrougalos presented the positive developments in the Greek economy, the business potential of French companies and Greece’s interest in investments. The meeting was attended by senior executives of 19 major French business groups, including:

-Air Liquide, natural gas for industries, environment
-Alstom, rail transport market
-RATP Developpement, public transport operator
-SAUR, managing of water supply and wastewater services
-SUEZ, water, electricity and natural gas supply
-THALES, aerospace, defence, transport, security
-TOTAL, oil company
-VALOREM, wind park projects
-VINCI, construction company

French banks Credit Agricole CIB and Rothschild also participated in the talks.

The meeting was chaired by MEDEF Vice-President and Vice-Chairman of Vinci SA Yves-Thibault de Silguy, who asked the first question to Katrougalos: whether the Greek banks are ready, what are the developments with the non-performing loans and what will happen with the capital controls.

Responding, the minister said Greek banks that passed the stress tests are recording profits for the first time and that NPLs are lowering. On capital controls, he said there is some relaxation of the rules today adding the government wants to abolish them on August 2018.