Katrougalos: ‘Our national rights are based on international legality’

“We are a peace-loving country, which considers that our national rights are based on international legality. We naturally expect the other side to act accordingly,” Alternate Foreign Minister George Katrougalos commented in response to the latest rhetoric in Turkey, during an interview with the radio station News 24/7 on Thursday.

“We know the policy of both countries. We have no need to resort to either war rhetoric or attacks, especially not attacks targeting individuals,” he added, while noting that Turkey had a “revisionist stamp” that led it to dispute international law and proceed to such statements and actions.

Katrougalos appeared confident that there would be no ‘hot incident’ in the Aegean but sent a clear message that Greece will always maintain the required level of alertness and coolheadedness, while ruling out any possible link with the ratification of the Prespes Agreement in parliament.

“We fear nothing but we are on alert. On the one hand, we have succeeded in bringing our country to perhaps the strongest level of international prestige that it has ever enjoyed on the international political scene. We have the significant deterrent force of the Armed Forces. On the other hand, I do not think the other side is contemplating a ‘hot incident’ because it knows that war in the Aegean is a lose-lose proposition that cannot be won,” he said.

The minister expressed certainty that a majority of 151 to back the Prespes Agreement will be found in the Greek parliament and said the possible departure of Panos Kammenos from the cabinet does not necessarily require that the government to seek a vote of confidence, while it would not be the first instance of a country ruled by a government with a minority of seats in parliament.